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Reading Wish List

Reading wish list!How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business. I was introduced to the book through both an assessment blog post I follow and from a thread on an assessment listserv.If it’s mentioned it two places, it must be good right?Linda Suskie, the author of the blog post, is making some thought-provoking points about the nature of assessment that were inspired by reading the book.I think her post speaks to that internal dialog we continue to have with ourselves about why we need to do assessment and what we actually learn from the process and all our efforts. I agree with a few of the points Suskie makes in her post.I believe we think too much about getting statistically significant results to make changes in teaching and curriculum, and I think we want certainty before we commit to any change.As researchers, we design experiments and have statistically valid data, and I think we translate this to our assessment thinking.Don’t get me wrong, there is def…

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